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Founded in 2009, JIANGSU ECOR-TEX CO LTD is a professional business outdoor uniforms manufacturing company. Under it, we have "MIKE'S TRIP", "XIANGSHOU", and "ECOR-TEX", three different brands. The company passed ISO9001-2015 product manufacturing and processing quality management system. Among them, "MIKE’S TRIP” uniforms won the "Most Popular Brand of China Top Ten in 2016" issued by China Federation of Industry and Commerce.

Companies benefit from the international renowned chemical suppliers such as DuPont, Rudolf, Huntsman, and we are able to empower the functional properties of our apparels in the business uniform area.

The company has over 200 sewing machines, over 200 employees in Changzhou, Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province and Anhui Province. Our monthly output reach 20,000 pieces of parka and 40,000 pieces of uniforms. We have a mature production capacity and a sound scientific project management system. The factory is equipped with laser cutting machine, seam sealing machines, embroidery machine, marker reading machine, and other advanced imported equipment.

Our technology department has one Master of Fashion Engineering, one Master of Arts and Design together with over 20 quality inspection staffs guarantee the online inspection from fabric to final garment products.

ECOR-TEX is looking forward to a successful working relationship with you, to bring a GREEN future together.