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MIKE’S TRIP sponsors the school uniform of hopeful school in SuQian City

learn the truth of life and let their dreams fly

 On the afternoon of January 14, the start-up ceremony of "Budweiser InBev Hope Primary School" and the Budweiser InBev Dream Classroom were held in Suyu District, Suqian City, Jiangsu Province. Beverly InBev Asia Pacific Legal and Corporate Affairs Vice President Wang Renrong, the Belgian Consul General in Shanghai Lin Jia Xi, Budweiser InBev "substitute substitute teacher" Sha Yi, Hu couple, the provincial party committee researcher, Jiangsu Provincial Youth Development Foundation Deputy Secretary Deputy Minister Li Suhua of Suyu District People's Government, Chen Huimin, Deputy Secretary of Municipal Committee of Suqian City, employee representatives of relevant departments of Suyu District and Employee Representatives of Budweiser InBev participated in the activity. Chen Su, secretary of the district committee of Suyu District, presided over the activity.

    Ceremony, AB InBev Asia Pacific Legal and Corporate Affairs Wang Renrong Vice President, Belgian Consul General in Shanghai Linda, Budweiser InBev "Star Substitute Teacher" Sha Yi, Hu Ke couples, Suqian City Council Deputy Secretary Chen Huimin, Suyu District Li Ruihua Deputy mayor jointly for Suqian "Budweiser InBev hope primary" reconstruction inaugurated. Thanks to Budweiser InBev for his concern and support for the Hope Project in Suyu District, Shen Yigong, deputy researcher of the Provincial Party Committee and Jiangsu Provincial Youth Development Foundation, presented the "Hope Project Contribution Award" to Budweiser InBev


  It is reported that "Budweiser InBev Hope Primary School," the predecessor of Daxing Town, Pioneer Primary School, funded by Budweiser InBev 500,000, local government supporting nearly 100 million, plans to rebuild the school site 918 square meters, sports grounds about 800 square meters. After the completion of the school reconstruction, the scope of the teaching and administrative area will be expanded from the current 4 administrative villages to 6 administrative villages, serving more than 10,000 village residents and nearly 300 students in schools. In addition, through this activity, Budweiser InBev spokesperson Sha Yi and Hu Ke couple Budweiser InBev will donate RMB 107,000 to schools for the purchase of teaching equipment.





 Li Ruihua, deputy head of Suyu District, said in his speech that in order to improve the current situation of poverty and backwardness in some townships and villages in our district, especially in the conditions of school education and teaching, the party committees and governments at the provincial and municipal levels have given great care and support to the society Over the past five years, the committee of Suyu District Delegation has raised a total of over 1.2 million yuan and has successively built 6 Hope Primary Schools in Hope Huxing Primary School and Dingzui Canon Hope Primary School in Daxing. Since 2012, the League Committee and the Central Government have jointly raised more than 600,000 yuan of "Children Care and Warmth Fund for Children Left Behind" jointly with Guangbo Group and Minfeng Bank, and successively built 2 projects of "Hope Come". The "Budweiser InBev Hope Primary School" aiding today will surely create favorable conditions for the students' growth and success. She hoped that children should cherish the opportunity, work hard and try hard to learn more skills, as soon as possible useful social community; League District, the Education Bureau shall strictly comply with the requirements of the higher authorities, the implementation of the agreement, manage and make good use of funds to truly ensure aid The project has built a popular project and a caring project to create a better environment for the healthy growth and overall development of students. At the same time, she appealed to more enthusiastic people to extend their helping hand, actively participate in the Hope Project, share their social responsibilities with charity, and jointly promote the hope that the project will continue to grow and develop.



After the launch ceremony, Vice President BNP Paribas Law & Business Affairs Wang Renrong, Consul General of Belgium in Shanghai Jia Lin Xia, Project Ambassador Sha Yi, Hu Ke couple, and AB InBev employees as substitute teachers , Coaching "Dream Classroom", and having a meaningful "Dream Class" with their children, creating positive energy for them and encouraging them to pursue their dreams bravely.
     See the beautiful plan of the new school building, study happily in the dream class, so that children are overjoyed. Suyu District Daxing Town Central Primary School Xuzeng President also represents Suqian Budweiser InBev Hope Primary School more than 100 teachers and students, expressed his sincere gratitude: "Budweiser InBev and all sectors of society for their children's concern and assistance to education We are deeply touched by the love and responsibility of our company and hope that students cherish the opportunity, learn the nutrition of knowledge, learn the truth of life and let their dreams fly!
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